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Links to Favorite Non-Profit Organizations:

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Ojai, CA
This worthy organization trains dogs and handlers for Urban Search and Rescue. They also run clinics to train dogs in snake avoidance, very important if you live out west.

Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management, Philadelphia

Earth Treks, Maryland
Not exactly a non-profit, but these guys are the ones who got me safely up and down the mountains in Ecuador. There's got to be something charitable in that! Very professional group that runs climbs all over the world.

Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times, Los Angeles
A sleep-away summer camp with other year-round programs for children who have, or are recovering from, cancer. The first camp of its kind, they also run programs for siblings and families of afflicted children. I have been a counselor and supporter of Camp Good Times for many years.

Real Solutions Center for Children, San Diego
When families break up...
we provide a safe place where families come together to resolve their conflicts for the sake of the children. We teach children how to bounce back from the trauma of family crisis. We help parents find the information and support they need to take care of themselves and protect the children from adult conflicts and problems.

UCLA UniCamp, Los Angeles
A sleep-away camp for under-privileged children in Los Angeles. UCLA's official charity, the longest-running camp of its kind. I was a counselor each of my four years as an undergraduate.

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)
They sponsor research into Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and provide a sense of community to those that are afflicted.

Favorite Books:

"She's Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator's Sea Journal"
by Loree Draude Hirschman and Dave Hirschman

When the USS Abraham Lincoln left San Diego in April 1995 for a six-month
deployment in the Persian Gulf, it was the first Pacific Fleet ship to go to sea
with female combat pilots. Before they had even gotten underway, one of the
eighteen women aviators had been killed. By the time the ship returned to
California, another had turned in her wings, and a third had been sent home for poor performance. But most thrived in their demanding new environment despite the pressures. This is the story of one of those pilots, Loree Hirschman, a twenty-seven-year-old navy lieutenant and the only female pilot in the carrier's S-3B Viking antisubmarine warfare squadron. She describes the historic cruise with rare candor and balance.

In the center of one of the most pressing social issues facing the military today, Hirschman offers both a personally revealing and professionally insightful account of breaking into the world of the male combat pilot. She writes frankly about the strained interaction between men and woman on the Lincoln as they struggled to define their new roles and about the women's attempts to overcome mistrust and resentment by proving their skill, courage, and determination. She describes the typically competitive route to the deployment and reflects on the irony of flying her jet to defend Arab countries that won't allow women to drive cars, bare their arms, or even go out alone in public.

Informative as well as entertaining, her chronicle of life at sea is a testament to the accomplishments of these pioneering women. No matter which side of the debate a reader takes, Hirschman adds a significant new dimension to the controversy over female integration of navy combat aviation squadrons. As co-ed deployments become routine and women like Hirschman can be accepted as just another pilot, her journal will serve as a reminder of the navy's struggle to adjust to a new era.

"Hijacked: The True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705"
by Dave Hirschman

On April 7, 1994, two days before a scheduled disciplinary hearing, FedEx flight engineer Auburn Calloway joined the ranks of disgruntled employees who mix revenge with violence when he hijacked a DC-10 cargo jet en route from Memphis to San Jose. His plan to kill the crew and crash the plane backfired when the three-man crew--David Sanders (pilot), Jim Tucker (copilot), and Andy Peterson (flight engineer)--did not succumb to his brutal hammer blows to their skulls. With Tucker and Peterson in the cabin trying to subdue the agitated Calloway, Sanders landed the plane against heavy odds: the freight and fuel were too heavy, the approach speed was too fast, and parts of the plane had fallen off. Reporter and pilot Hirschman, who was on the story from the beginning, describes the thwarted hijacking; recovery of the injured airmen; and trial of Calloway. The bravery of the crewmen shines throughout as they saved the plane, the company, and the community from a major disaster.
Jennifer Henderson from Booklist

Favorite Artwork & Artists:

My Virtual Art Gallery -- Coming Soon!

Robb Scharetg Photography
We met Robb when Loree did the TV commercial and print ad campaign for Navy recruiting. Robb did the still photographs, including the one of Loree standing in front of a row of S-3 Vikings that you see on the right.

Ellen Burgin
I got to know Ellen through a friend at Wharton. She's from North Carolina and is the nicest, sweetest person you'll ever meet. When I saw her website months after first meeting her, I was blown away. I guess you never know what kind of twisted thoughts are in a person's head - until you see their artwork! Her company highlights North Carolina artists. Visit them at artpeacock.com.

Syl Mathis
On my mountain-climbing expedition to Ecuador, Syl was the guy who got me safely up (most of the way) and down the mountain. He's quite the "Rennaissance Man" -- he authored a prize-winning thesis on bio-mechanics, was an olympic-level kayaker, and runs the Voyageur Outdoor Education Program for kids at the St. Albans School. So why was I surprised to find out that he's also an award-winning artist?

Favorite Quotes, Jokes & Stories:

"Never let them criticize you for inaction"
Lesson from the Wharton Leadership Venture to Quantico

"We advertise for employees, but human beings keep showing up"
Tom Draude, Sr. VP, USAA (BGEN, USMC, Ret.) 4/20/2001

"Indecisiveness shows a lack of courage"
John Ripley, Colonel, USMC (Retired) 4/20/2001

"Omnis gloria fugit." or "All glory is fleeting."
John Melville regaling tales of the Roman Empire

"Never trust a skinny cook."
Peter Fair, 2001

"Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one is watching"

"It's a small world...so behave!"
Joyce Warner, 2001

"It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it."
Steven Wright

"Harry and Loree are Liars, Cheats and Thieves.
They'll lay down their lives for you,
They've cheated death,
And they stole each other's hearts."

Pat "Bear" Shibuya's toast at our wedding, 1994

"Cheating is forever."
Stuart Diamond, Negotiations Professor, The Wharton School

"Eat 'til you're tired, sleep 'til you're hungry"
Anonymous Naval Aviator




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"She's Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator's Sea Journal" by Loree Draude Hirschman and Dave Hirschman
"Hijacked: The True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705" by Dave Hirschman

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